You are The Queen Kangana


You are The Queen Kangana

Spoilers Alert : Queen Movie Review

When I watch a strong Female lead based movie, I expect a lot of drama, emotion, tears, bad men, lots of lecture and a depressing but at the end suddenly gone inspiring movie. Holds true for most of such films.

“Queen” was different. Firstly all the crying and tears that were shed in the movie was done while female lead was at her drunkest best and the way whole scene was conceptualized, it just made my day. A Punjabi girl gotten drunk for the first time, in a foreign land, with a friend that she just made friends with, and pouring out her heart first time, after her fiance dumped her, just before the wedding day. It was revolting and funny and so casual at the same time.

You are The Queen Kangana

Queen is a story of a Punjabi girl from Delhi’s Rajouri garden, who has fallen in love with a suitable match, after his much persuasion though, that too in full filmy style. She was about to get married in a day when her foreign returned fiance declare her not fit enough as per his new found upper standards, so, they can not marry. That was a marvelous scene. A subtle yet powerful performance by both Kangana and Raj Kumar Yadav. What happens next, no points guessing but she was devastated, still surprisingly she decides to go on her honeymoon, alone.

You are The Queen Kangana

Honeymoon in Paris, every girl’s dream, and Kangana was living her dream, only difference it was a nightmare being alone. Journey started. She discover herself, what she actually liked and what she was told to like, what she likes to eat and having courage enough to tell an Italian chef that she can cook better than him. By the way, she had a cute little crush on him. Now, if this being any other Bollywood masala movie, he couldn’t be an Italian, and she can never ever have kissed him. Nerd smile

What I like most about this movie and portrayal of Kangana’s role was that the character never turned revengeful or negative. She was content, she was complete in her own. In the end, it just looked like that she is saying to her ex fiance that I don’t need you for my happiness. I am Happy.

You are The Queen Kangana

This is what I have taken from the movie. You can choose to be happy no matter what your circumstances are.

I am happy.


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