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When I started Crocheting…

When I started Crocheting...
When I started Crocheting…

Recently I got a new Hobby – Crocheting.

It turned out so much fun that I am kinda hooked on it, literally. πŸ™‚

But it’s not the first time I hold a crochet hook in my hands. In fact, I don’t even remember, when I did it the first time. :O

I must be in 6th or 7th standard, when I got enrolled into Home Science classes. I didn’t wanted to, as cooking and home science was an alien subject to me at that time. I would have preferred meeting an alien than joining a home science class. Only problem, it was compulsory to attend. All the girls have to take home science as one of their subject.

What does being in anΒ Home Science class meant?

It meant that I have to learn about decorating a home, have to show my cooking expertise to my teachers, have to learn crochet and sewing too, in short, have to learn everything that a good girl/women should know in order to run a household. Phew!!!

When I started Crocheting...
When I started Crocheting…

It was the most difficult subject of mine at that time. But since I was too little to do anything on my own, I was sure that my Mother would aid me. Actually, I hoped that she would make all the stuff for me, and I will simply take all the credit. Silly me. 😦

My parents come from the value system where helping someone means aiding them in doing stuff not doing it for them. Now I can understand how it has helped me in making me what I am, Independent. But at that time, I was so disappointed just knowing that I have to hold the crochet hook in my own hands to complete my assignments.

My Mother introduced me to crochet and I made few patterns also. One lamp cover, handkerchiefs, and may be a television cover. I don’t remember exactly, was it a table cover or a television cover. I hated it. Hated it so much that I was happy to change my school next year, just because then I won’t have to attend home science classes any more.

When I started Crocheting...
When I started Crocheting…

I didn’t liked the classes but I liked the way all girls used to compete with each other. Showing their art and craft in the most stylish ways, sprinkling them with color bombs, adding every known and unknown glittering thing on their projects. Their food didn’t tasted good but it looked as it had directly came out of a master chef’s kitchen. The fattest teachers used to judge the food competition, and she used to look at the food as if it was a piece of art in an art gallery. I hated that particular teacher for that particular day only. Sometimes, I used to think that one day I’ll become a teacher so that I can splurge on all these tasty delicacies made by students. LOL. What life ambitions I had?

Now that all this is over I am happy to pick up my long lost hobby of Crocheting and I am enjoying it this time. Till now, I have made a baby cap and boots and one waffle stitch scarf.

Let’s see how far it goes this time.

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