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Brothers (Movie 2015)


So, here I am trying to write about the movie ‘Brothers’, but genuinely the feeling is – What is there to write about?

This movie has only two best features –

  1. Fight Sequences
  2. Akshay Kumar‘s fight sequences

Rest is so passable that you will have a hard time remembering it. By the way this movie is also an adaptation. It is inspired/adapted from Hollywood movie ‘Warrior’.

One more stunning item that I would like to mention – Kareena Kapoor. She looks terrific. Her expressions are unmatched. Only problem, song is so pathetic, that the moment it’s finished you will forget it.


So, instead of writing more bad things about it, I am sharing pic of two brothers (my twin sons).

Brothers - Renne and Otu Singh
Brothers – Renne and Otu Singh