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Can you kill a Spider, Mom?

Courage of a Girl-Women-Mother

Can you kill a Spider, Mom
Can you kill a Spider, Mom

Yesterday I posted a tweet which was based on change in the strength of a girl once she becomes a mother. Then as I was explaining it further to some of my audience I myself felt the changes that I have gone through with time. I remembered the time when I was that little girl who was always sitting quietly in a corner with a book on her lap. The time when I had no fears, just had a fearwall (yeah its not a typo, I have written it fear-wall and not firewall J ). That fearwall was my Parents.

I was scared of little flies, spiders, frogs and lizards specially (believe me the list is pretty long), but I always knew that I had my mother who will protect me from them.

Now time has changed, I don’t have my mother to protect me but now I am a mother and now I have to fulfill my job of protecting my little ones. That reminds me, I am no longer scared of flies, spiders, frogs, not even of lizards (to some extentJ ). I can take care of them, I can take care of everything, yes everything once it will come down to save my children.

Some of this courage has come with time and knowledge, as now I know that small little flies cannot kill me (unless they are in my food, L Gross….). But, most of it from a simple fact that I am a mother now and I cannot let anyone or anything harm my babies.

So, what changed me, is it the love for my children, or the responsibility towards my kids or some chemicals or hormones have changed in my body? I am not sure, maybe it’s a mix of all or maybe something else. But, I am not alone. I have seen every other mother who can reciprocate this feeling. Every mother is made like this. Made courageous by default. I guess!!!

Can you kill a Spider, Mom
Baby Ganesha with Ma Parvati

It can only be a mother who can fight with the almighty, the God Shiva. A fight to save her child. A fight which not only frightened the one who has no fears. Frightened the one who is superior in power to everyone and everything that exists and that does not exist. Frightened the one and all who have tried to harm her child, Ganesh. It can be a mother only who can demand to give life to her dead child, who can show the consequences if her child is not given the life back, who can make even God realize his mistake of harming a child, who can clench the life of her child from the jaws of death. She is a mother, she is not a girl, not a woman, not a human, not a deity/devi. She is a mother and a mother only at that point of time. A mother who can fight with the God.

Can you kill a Spider, Mom
Shiv, Parvati with Ganesh

I have heard so many inspiring stories of mothers, or of the sons who were what they were because of their mothers. In everyday lives too, I have seen girls who were afraid of the dark (who couldn’t even go to the bathroom to pee at night), now after being a mother single handedly rocking their child to sleep in the darkness of night. Big cheers for them!!!

I would also like to share the story of Pooja Chopra and her mother Neera Chopra. Neera was thrown out of her house when she gave birth to second daughter child. But, she survived and struggled for her children. She fought with the world and its hypocrisies to raise her two daughters into two independent and successful human beings. J

Can you kill a Spider, Mom
Pooja with her Mother

There are so many Neera’s around the world all fighting their battles for themselves and for their kids.

When we talk of this motherly courage, this is not limited to us humans only. This is seen so many times in animals also. They also protect their loved ones irrespective of the dangerous consequences ahead. I have seen them fighting with their predators to save their little ones. All credits to Discovery channel J

Can you kill a Spider, Mom
Motherly Love in Animals

On this thought, just look around and see all the mothers, see what they are doing for their kids, see what they are sacrificing for their kids. Admire them, encourage them, help them, and appreciate them. Because it’s the best that we can do, rest she will take care of….. because she is a Mother.