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Does anyone have Superman Eggs?


Have you ever tried to feed healthy food to a toddler? If yes than you can totally relate to this post; even if you are lucky enough to not yet have faced this super challenging situation in life, do read on. It’s always good to learn strategy of enemy.

As you all know by now(if you are a regular to my blog), that I have three kids under 4 years of age. When you have not one but three kids, it is almost a daily routine that one or the other kid is not happy with what food you have cooked for them. So unless it’s a pizza or a burger or any junk food; you will find someone complaining.

No problem.

Being a mommy made you thick. So no whining or big teary eyes can melt you when it comes to feeding healthy food to your babies.


Kids are getting smarter. So instead of trying that cute innocent face with a big teary NO on their face; they are trying logic. And believe me you can never win over a 4-year old when it comes to logic.

Does anyone have Superman Eggs?
Does anyone have Superman Eggs?

Cutting the chase, my son Otu, who I guess is the opposite of Google (always asking weird questions); was super fascinated with Superman. He goes through these phases very often. Last time I checked he was Police.

Now he is a superman, wearing a cape and all, and thankfully no underwear over his pants. Phew!

I prepared a typical daily meal with roti, daal, vegetables and rice. Now the difficult part begins.

Except Otu, rest of the kids are on dining table eating peacefully.

Me: Otu, come here. Your food is on table.

Otu: (after giving a ‘you are not good enough for me’ kind of look to food)

Mamma, I will not eat this food.

Me: Why? What is wrong with this food?

Otu: I am Superman and superman don’t eat this food.

(smart huh!)

Me: really? Who told you that?

Otu: Mamma, I am Superman. (emphasizing on superman).

I know what Superman eats.

Me: Ok. So, tell me what Superman eats. I will make it for you.

Otu: Superman eats eggs. Superman Eggs. (with a big gesture as if eggs are not superman’s but of a dinosaur)

Now, it was my turn to play smart. So, I wrapped an egg in a napkin, like a nest holding an egg; and I showed it to him.

Me: Look, I found one Superman egg. You want to eat this one?

Otu: Mamma, this is not Superman Egg.

Me: What? This is a Superman Egg. Look it came all wrapped up like this.

Otu: Mamma, Superman egg fly like superman. It flies like this. (gesturing flying with his hands)

Me: but, this can fly too.

(Now I was flying that Super Egg with my hands just like a paper plane.)

Otu: Mamma! You are holding it.

Let it fly. Like Superman flies.

Me: You don’t need food. You are a true Superman.


PS: Now, Otu is a Soldier. So, he is eating non flying eggs. 



Are you ready for Black Friday Sale?


Thanksgiving is here and so is the biggest deal event day – Black Friday Sale.

Those who are not aware of this Mega Sale phenomenon, Black Friday is celebrated next day of Thanksgiving each year. Black Friday is the official starting of holiday shopping season.

If you are curious, why it’s called Black, then don’t worry, there is nothing gloomy or dark about this day, but rather Black is the color of Gain in financial record books, thus Black means good here. 🙂

Are you ready for Black Friday Sale?

Big stores like Target, Walmart, Kohl’s and even Amazon like online stores, come up with huge number of deals to attract shoppers. These deals includes electronics, clothes, Mobiles, appliances, tools, and every other imaginable thing that you can buy.

Shoppers will make long lines in front of stores, waiting hours just to grab their interested deal item. To put in concise words – this is the biggest Shopping Festival.

Are you ready for Black Friday Sale?

If you are not still ready for this mega event then read on, because we have collected some major helping tips for you to have the best shopping experience this Black Friday.

  • Make a List – It may sound mundane, but this should be the first thing that you should do. So, make a list of all the items that you want to buy.

Are you ready for Black Friday Sale?

  • Do Research – Search for the best brand and store for your list items. For example, if you want to buy a TV, search which type (smart, hdtv, plasma, etc…) you want. Then research on which brand like Samsung, Sony, Vizio; which suits your need most. Then lookout for the store giving you the best deal on it. Always compare prices and features at this point.

Are you ready for Black Friday Sale?

  • Sign up for Store Emails – They are annoying and do spam your inbox, but this is the time, when those promotional store emails are beneficial. Sign up, and you will most probably get some great deal with extra discount, right in your mail.

Are you ready for Black Friday Sale?

  • Be Social – Every store and Brand has its Facebook or Twitter page nowadays. Follow them and you will get to know everything from their sales timing to their maps.

Are you ready for Black Friday Sale?

  • Use Store Apps – Many big stores like Walmart have their own apps. Reason for downloading these apps now, is that you will get to know every change in deals at the very instant. Not to miss, you will be seeing map of your favorite item’s location right on your phone.

Are you ready for Black Friday Sale?

  • Search for Coupon Codes – This is a great way on saving some more money. Mostly our sign up mails will serve the purpose but additionally you may want to visit your product’s website and there search for coupon codes.

Are you ready for Black Friday Sale?


  • Create a Budget – now, you have a fair knowledge of what you want and for how much, so list down every item along with the maximum stretch budget allowance for that item. This will stop you from over spending and also made you realize the items you don’t really want to buy this time.

Are you ready for Black Friday Sale?

  • Shop Smart – It is time to go to store. Our advice, wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Take your water and food/snacks with you. Charge your phone fully. Take an ipod or a book to kill some waiting time there.

Are you ready for Black Friday Sale?

  • Divide and Conquer – Try to shop in a group. Assign each individual their items to grab. If you are shopping in the same store, plan the timings of each. If in different stores, always keep in touch with phone. You will be able to pick more items in less time.

Are you ready for Black Friday Sale?

  • Check Return Policy – Always ask the cashier or customer support at the store about the return policy of your product. Some deal items do not have it, so be sure of what you are buying. Also try t get a gift receipt for the items you are buying for others. This way they can return them if they want.

Are you ready for Black Friday Sale?

  • Stay in the comfort of your home – This is our favorite advice for Black Friday Sale. Stay at home and shop online. There is now very little difference in terms of deals online and in stores. So, if you want to avoid the crowd and hassle, go the online way. Sites like Amazon offers great deals on Black Friday every year, just lookout for the shipping details too.

Are you ready for Black Friday Sale?

Now that you have read all our tips, you are ready to jump in this mega sale hysteria, called Black Friday.

We wish you all the luck and lots of deals for this year’s Black Friday Sale.

Happy Shopping!!!