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You Didn’t Rape Just One Girl


Sick, twisted, psycho, animals, monsters or I don’t know what should you be called, but you cannot be a human. When you raped that class 10th school girl, twisted and broke her legs, bruised and scratched her body and left numerous biting marks on her; there could not be an ounce of humanity left in you, then how can you be a human? How can one person do this to another person? How can your ears didn’t bleed when she was crying and screaming in pain begging you to stop this monstrous act? How did you manage to strangulate a 16-year-old defenseless girl without any remorse? How are you still breathing this air which is mixed with her screams? How are you still alive?

On July 5, 2017, a class 10th student from Shimla, was on her way to her home while returning from school, when she was raped and murdered. She was not found, but her body was, after 2 days of search in a nearby forest.

This is not the first time and this won’t be the last when this kind of barbaric act has taken place against a girl. It just keeps on getting more and more barbaric, and still, we all see this news with disgust and then forget about them till next rape happens.

It is not only the rape victim who suffers. Every time a girl is raped, its consequences are suffered by each and every woman in this world.

When you raped her; you raped every other girl’s freedom, hopes, and dreams too.

You proved a point to those parents and guardians who do not send their daughters to school. Yes, it is not safe to go out. Girls should not go to school. They should not study. They should stay indoors, away from these outside beasts. You gave power to that patriarchy culture which has always tried to keep women inside, and you crushed every little girl’s dream of becoming big one day.


A girl somewhere is stopped to pursue further education as only basic education is sufficient for her to get married. Why would she need to study more? She should not go out more than what is needed? She should just finish her basic education and then wait at home till her marriage is finalized. She should stay at home. Home is safer. Outside we have Rapists.

A girl somewhere is stopped from taking her dream job as she is not allowed to travel far, or live in another city. She can work as long as; her work area is near to her home. She should not take a job in another city. Home is safer. Outside we have Rapists.

A girl somewhere is denied going out with her friends for a movie or an outing. Girls are not supposed to have fun. She can be allowed to go out if she is back before 8 in the evening. Before 8 is safer. After 8 there are Rapists.

She can go out and have fun, but make sure there are no boys in her group. Friends who are girls are safer. Friends who are boys are Rapists.

A girl somewhere is married at an early age. As soon as she becomes a problem of other person and not our liability, that would be better. She can have all her dreams fulfilled once she gets married, and if her husband, and his parents, and his relatives, all agree, only then. If she is married, she is safe. If unmarried, she will find Rapists.


A girl, a woman, a child, an elderly lady; it does not matter what age you are; if you are a female; you will face the consequences of every rape; of every brutality done against women. There is no way out. We all will suffer. We all will feel shame. We all will live in fear. We all will feel helpless and hopeless. There is no way out.

The only way is to go through all this and still dream. Let these Rapists crush all our hopes and muffle our screams, but still shout the loudest we can; still, have hopes in our heart. Despite all, rise. Despite all, we have to Rise. Rise.

Rise, my girl!


Rise, because there is nothing scarier for these monsters than to see us Rise.






Killing ‘Nirbhaya’ Once Again

Killing 'Nirbhaya' Once Again
Killing ‘Nirbhaya’ Once Again

A feeble attempt by the Indian government to save tourism in India or just to prove that no matter who rules the government, its mindset is always the same – and that is to ban everything which raises questions.

By putting ban on ‘India’s Daughterdocumentary which was based on the December, 2012 brutal rape of a medical student; Indian Government has once again raped and killed so many ‘Nirbhayas’, all over again. This government has snatched their right of freedom by muting their voice.

India’s Daughter’ is a documentary directed by ‘Leslee Udwin‘ for BBC. Film was based on the most historic and revolting incident happened in India in recent times – Rape of a girl.

Study suggests that every 20 minutes one rape takes place in India, then what was different about this rape.

Their was no difference. None. It was just a Rape. Just a Rape. Nothing new. Nothing new in India. Just another day. Just another girl.

A young girl who wanted to be a doctor, ‘Jyoti Singh‘, my namesake, who was returning around 8-9 pm with her friend, after watching a movie; took a bus; where 6 men (I don’t know whether to call them men, or monsters; will just call them rapists), rapists, raped her, beat her almost to death, and then throw her out of a moving bus along with her friend, to die in cold December night on Delhi‘s streets.

It was so brutal that her whole intestines were out of her body. She has bite marks all over her. She was beaten with iron rods and was gang raped with rapists taking turns in mutilating her.

Killing 'Nirbhaya' Once Again
Killing ‘Nirbhaya’ Once Again

It was then in 2012, when whole India cried and revolted for this brave girl; who despite of her trauma and serious medical conditions, detailed her ordeal to police to help them catch the culprits. She wanted justice and was served some partial judgment too, when court ordered death for 5 rapists, excluding one juvenile. She died. Her rapists are still alive and gloating.

Killing 'Nirbhaya' Once Again

What this documentary ‘India’s Daughter‘, has shown is a rapist, and his lawyer, saying what actually most of Indian Men still thinks – that, it is a Girl’s fault if she is Raped.

Killing 'Nirbhaya' Once Again

If a girl is out at night/evening, precisely after 6:30, or if she is with a male friend, or if she is a girl; she needs to be Raped and Killed….. so, she can learn a valuable lesson. A lesson that a defense lawyer very proudly says, that In great Indian culture, there is no place for women. A woman is like flower or diamond, and if diamond is on the road, dogs will take it. Another one says, if her daughter or sister will have premarital sex/love affair, he will burn her in front of whole family.

Killing 'Nirbhaya' Once Again
Killing ‘Nirbhaya’ Once Again


They don’t even flinch, while saying these things. I don’t flinch either.

If you are a woman brought up in India, you will realize that what they are saying is actually you have heard whole your life.

Don’t go out. It’s evening now.”

Who is calling you? Is it a male? You will not have phone anymore.”

Why you have male friends? You are not supposed to have any male friends.”

No skirts.”

You want to watch a movie. Go with your husband, when you get married.”

In our family, girls don’t go out on college trips.”

Why you were talking to neighborhood boy?”

We would prefer to kill you than marry you to your choice of husband.”

You love someone. You are a slut.”


Killing 'Nirbhaya' Once Again
Killing ‘Nirbhaya’ Once Again

India is a patriarchal society, heavily. So much, that even the old generation women there thinks that all such thing are right. A girl should know her place, and her place is in kitchen only. Mindset of a society can not change in a single day, but there was a chance for the Indian Government to put forward a Rapists viewpoint and show to society, if you also think like him – then you are also a Rapist.

It does not matter if you have raped a woman or not, if you still think that all such statements are right, then you are a Rapist.

You have raped a woman of her freedom, of her right.

Her right of being a human being, just like you are.

She is a human, a person. She is not your property.

You can not question her.

You can not blame her for what you did to her.

You can not mute her.

You can not.

Because she is a person.

Killing 'Nirbhaya' Once Again
Killing ‘Nirbhaya’ Once Again

Stop your boys, not your girls. Make India a safe, not only for tourists, but for all.


Wednesday Words – Rape is a Sinful Crime.

I read about the Rape of a 6-year-old girl, in her school by a Teacher. It was not the first time, that I have read about such gruesome thing. Last year, a 3-year-old girl from Delhi, was in news for the same reasons. We forgot about that three old girl. We will forget about this six-year-old too.

What is the point of remembering something, which you don’t want to talk about?

Everyone of you (I hope everyone), must have felt disgusted reading about it, or watching it running as a story on news channels. But, how many of you, have talked about it? Not on Facebook, or twitter, or just making a conversation in your office or college canteens? But, at your home, with your parents with your sons or daughters, with your husband or wife, with your brothers or sisters?

We didn’t talk about Rapes, not in our homes. It’s a bad thing. It’s a shameful thing to talk about Rapes. We can talk about murders, we can talk about thieving, we can talk about corruption, we can talk about Politics, Movies, cricket; but we will not talk about Rapes. It’s a very unspeakable thing to talk about Rapes. We are living in a society where we don’t talk about Rapes.

Rape is not a Crime. Not talking about Rape, is a Crime. Not taking action about Rape, is a Crime. Asking them to keep quiet is a Crime.

Once we are in a society where it is not bad to talk about a Rape, then maybe we can say, that Rape is a crime.

We as a society are the ones, who promote Rapes. We would expect from our married sons, to have dominance over their wives. We are the ones, who give precedence to our sons than to our daughters. We are the ones, who teach our girls to be soft-spoken and polite; and our boys to be aggressive and strong built. We do not want our daughters to make friend with a rape victim/survivor. We don’t even want to see them daily around us, in our neighborhood. So, we give them looks – like you do not belong here; Or, you have done a crime because you reported Rape, or crime that you got raped. We may go and protest with you, all with scented candles and fiery slogans, but deep down, we want to forget about you, as soon as possible. Afterall, it’s your daughter who got raped, not mine.

Isn’t this a reality? I truly hope, that none of you think that way, but we do behave in this way. If you want to help, then talk about it, among your friends, your family. We can not always be with our kids to protect them, but atleast we can tell them from what they need protection from.

Rape is not bound to a specific place or country, or a city, or to a particular age group. They are happening everywhere, to every class or age of girl, as you can imagine. Only thing that makes the difference is the way people come out to support the rape survivors. We can not hang a Rapist, it’s the role of justice department and police to take the rapist to his destination; but we can certainly help the survivor. We can help, in making our schools, our neighborhood, our home, safe for women. We can help in making our kids respectful towards woman.

Rape is a Sinful Crime
Linor – Brave Miss World

I was watching a documentary movie on Brave Miss WorldLinor Abargil, who was Raped six weeks before she was crowned Miss World in 1998. She spoke about it and helped not only herself, but thousands of such women by helping them to speak about their ordeal. Linor survived, but it was the support of her family, her friends, and the society that supported her in every way, that contributed to her success story.

Rape is a Sinful Crime
Linor – Brave Miss World

I would wish on it that no woman or man would ever get raped; but I would act on it to make my kids honorable and stronger. This is what I can contribute, and what I’ll do.