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Thursday Treats – Ugly Duckling

Ugly Duckling
Ugly Duckling

This one was blown out of proportion, somewhat due to my lack of interest in this project, and some because I just ran out of the yarn, to give a proper finishing touch to it.  😦

But, nevertheless kids loved this ugly duckling, so no regrets.  🙂

Some of the facts about ugly Duckling –

  • Ugly Duckling is a fairy tale written by Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen.
  • Story of Ugly Duckling is not inspired from any local or traditional fairy tale. It was all Hans imagination.
  • It is assumed that strange looks of Hans in his childhood actually inspired him to write about Ugly Duckling.
  • This story is adapted by Disney in many of it’s movies and plots.



Queen Of Babble

Queen Of Babble
Queen Of Babble

What’s a Girl without a big mouth?

Sensible, maybe.

Well, Queen of Babble by “Meg Cabot” is everything a chic lit should be, just not sensible enough. No complains though, as I opted for a lighthearted and fluffy read after going through some serious psycho business like “Along Came A Spider”.

Meg Cabot has written a list of series on “Queen Of Babble”, and I just came to know that a movie is also under production on this one. Great going. It would be better to watch a silly comedy than to read and waste your time on a stupid book.

Coming to the book, this story is about Lizzie Nicholas, who is a silly girl, just graduated from college with major in Fashion (actually not yet graduated, she forgot to submit her thesis, see how stupid :P), and now she is going to London to visit her boyfriend for a month. Problem is, the guy that she says that she has fallen in love with, Andrew; she don’t even remember his face (butt off-course, she remembers).

She met Andrew for a span of, I think, 24 hours and she falls in love with him. So madly that she agreed to go all the way to London (first time alone), to live with him. Unknowingly, that he has no car or even a roof of his own. He is living with his parents, two brothers and a dog, with no bed or room to offer her. So she has to make adjustment with the laundry room/partition. He told her that he wants to be teacher but instead is working as a waiter, and still getting the unemployment benefits from his government. Above all he needs money from Lizzie to complete his education, as he has blown his, on gambling. :@

Enough lies from him, but this is not what deter our romantic girl from leaving him, but the fact that he told his family that Lizzie is fat. What FAT??? You called your girlfriend Fat? Don’t you love your life?

She leave him finally, after much drama of her own (sobbing and losing consciousness and all…).

But where to go? She has no money, her return ticket is non refundable and is scheduled after a month. Saving grace, her best friend Shari is in France, helping out in managing a wedding with his boyfriend Chaz, i a rich chateau. She left for to France, alone in a train knowing little of french and all distressed with a broken heart. Only, her luck have it that she met the handsome dude Luke in the train who not only consoles her but also turned out to be the true gentlemen, and Chaz’s friend and owner of the beautiful chateau.

You will guess, story complete. No, because he has a girlfriend, Dominique, who is rich beautiful and too classy to handle alone by Lizzie. Our damsel, poor girl still falls in love with Luke. Only problem other than, him having a girlfriend, that our girl Lizzie, has a big mouth. Queen Of Babble, you know. I am not elaborating more on the story, don’t want to spoil the most predictable story. 😛

Problem with this kind of chic lit is that it’s a no brainer. A stupid love story, without any story. If you want to read something without using your brain and rest of the common senses then you should probably go for this one. Otherwise, pick something useful.

Enough Seriousness, Let’s Read Some Fun

Enough Seriousness, Let's Read Some Fun
Enough Seriousness, Let’s Read Some Fun

Since last two months I am reading books on Meditation, Yoga, Chakra, Buddhism, and Holistic Healing etc. So, believe me when I say that these two months have been very hard in terms of reading. It took me double the time to read these kinds of book, than I have taken to read a murder mystery or a fantasy or thriller. It’s just so hard to read and learn.

It reminded me the time when I used to study my course books. Gosh! How I used to wish that phase to get over. Reading is my favorite activity but it becomes a task when you are reading to learn new things. I mean you always learn, when you are reading, even if you are reading Twilight kinds. At least I learned how boring it could be to love a vampire, just staring in the eyes, for hours and hours. Boring.

Enough Seriousness, Let's Read Some Fun
Enough Seriousness

When I was reading all those books, they did give me a different perspective of life. Whole universe and our existence in it, harmony of our body with the nature around us. This perspective helps in answering a lot of questions about everything that happens in life. It helps us to bear the pain of tragedies, it also helps in controlling the flow of happiness, to be at ease with ourselves.

But, sometimes, you have to let loose. Life is supposed to be fun along with true happiness. So, now I have picked out a fun read. Watermelon, a chick flick, a girly girly read. Irony, it’s also based on a tragedy in the protagonist life. But, it’s written with wit and I am kind of liking it so far. Will post a review as soon as I’ll finish it. This time I am positive that it won’t take much long.

So, let’s have some fun. Happy Reading. Angel

Review: The Darkest Minds (Book)

Review: The Darkest Minds (Book)

The Darkest Minds
The Darkest Minds


There are few books which I like and there are those which I wonder why would I picked up in the first place.

The Darkest Minds come somewhat in between. I liked it when I was reading it but it ended so abruptly that I can’t figure out even that it has ended. The only problem with the book is that it has no ending.

With books coming in parts like a season of a TV soap, it becomes a fashion for authors to write a book and then leave it abruptly so that their next part will be received with lots of curiosity. But isn’t it like cheating your readers. Readers who bought a book thinking of a completion a closure of the events talked about in the book.

Well, leaving this flaw behind, the book is a good teen fiction. It’s got a good grip on the plot. Sometimes it stretches itself like the journey of Ruby with Lee and Chubs in Betty. Too much time is consumed in detailing out who is sitting where and wearing what. It does paint a picture in front of your eyes, but it’s a very detailed picture, kind of distracting when you are focusing on the characters and their behavior with each other rather than their wardrobe.

The thing that I liked in the book is the character of Liam. He has explained layer by layer and each of his layers is better than the before. Ultimately his character comes out as a very modest and genuine hero. The Clancy’s character was also well drawn out but frankly I have to read the next part (Never Fade) because I do think that there is more to him which can be explored.

Strangest thing in the book was Chubs. Yes, the cute but with attitude boy who was never shown as very powerful in the book throughout but in the end he kinds of shown as a superman who came and save Ruby from the dreadful and deadliest powers of Clancy. Hmmnn.

I know I have not talked about Ruby. I would love to but she is a confused character and rightly so. She has gone through so much in very tender age and that explains her confusion.

Overall a good book, worth reading but with a sudden death/end. Wouldn’t have picked it for reading if would have known this fact before.