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Do you want to have a dream job without spending any money?

Lots of Money, No Taxes
Lots of Respect, No Financial Investment
Lots of Workers, No Physical Work

Interested in this dream Job? Then, read on my new article on Babagiri / Godmen, here – Do you want to have a dream job without spending any money?.





Tuesday Text – The Astral

 The Astral - by Kate Christensen
The Astral – by Kate Christensen

I wanted to write about “The Astral”, last Tuesday only, but couldn’t do so. Reason – What to write about?

This book is so boring and have no story whatsoever. It’s a two line story of a husband whose wife throws him out because she doubts on him having an affair with his best friend. That’s it.

Nothing exactly happens other than this husband roaming around in streets, and trying to figure out what happened to him. Seriously, nothing happen after that.

Point to note, Astral is the name of building, where our hero/husband stays. So, this novel has nothing to do with the real meaning of Astral.

Read it if you want to read a well written novel (without a story). it’s good English. Written perfectly. Alas, not my type. 😦