Religion and My Ignorance

Religion and My Ignorance
Religion and My Ignorance

I have read so many mysteries and thrillers, but most mysterious and thrilling stories are from our Religious notions. There is so much that we don’t know, still there is so much that we believe in. Believing in something which we don’t know fully, still we have full faith in our beliefs. I am writing this post cause my curious mind took me to a journey of some of the widely practiced religions and stories behind them.

I am ashamed to say that I knew so little about them, even right now, I am so unsure of my limited knowledge(rather say ignorance), but I am eager to learn.

For instance, I didn’t knew that three of the most popular religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, originated from one. But, I did knew that, Hinduism is considered as the oldest Religion and it has given birth to several most widely practiced other religions too, like Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Most astounding fact being, that all these religions emerging from Hinduism are in accord and harmony (as far as I know).

Religion and My Ignorance

The case is not same with Christinaism, Judaism, and Islam. They started from the same Abrahamic belief, and then along the way they distinguished themselves and took separate paths. A path which now seem, so extreme from each other that one can never imagine that their roots were in the very same area of Jerusalem.

Religion and My Ignorance
Religion and My Ignorance

A holy place captured and attacked so many times in history, and now surrounded by walls reaching the sky. A holy place which is the center point for the most controversial religious debates between three major Religions of the world. I wonder if God still resides there, enclosed in those walls.

This actually reminds me of my visit to disputed Ram temple site of Ayodhya, India. A place of worship and faith, surrounded by army and police, guarded in such a way, to make you feel like, distant from your own God. I read about and also watched some documentary on Jerusalem, and the only thought that came to my mind was, why can’t they all live in peace accepting each others Religion. What’s wrong if person of two religion wants to pray in a single place?

Religion and My Ignorance

It strikes me, how I felt about the Ram Temple and Babri Masjid disorder. How would I feel, if I am praying their and at the same time my Muslim friend is offering his prayers too? Will it create more discord, or, it just won’t matter, as long as we both have a right to express our religious beliefs freely?

Religion and My Ignorance
Religion and My Ignorance

It’s too complicated, or maybe not. I am trying to understand, what need not require understanding. Religion is not meant to be interpreted. It’s for believing. It’s for practicing my beliefs, without hurting others. It should be about love and closeness with the Lord, and not about building walls. I believe in that.

6 thoughts on “Religion and My Ignorance”

  1. You are so right Jyoti. If each religion’s purpose is to let its followers connect to God and if God is one then why is this fight over the superiority of my God over your God.
    I think we all our ignorant not only about other religions but about even our own one. It is said everything is there in our holy scriptures, try reading any of them and one would feel boggled down by the language and the phrasing. For a person like me with a very average intellect, religion is confusing and Hinduism is about rituals and the practice of which differs from family to family. The reason people say it is like this is because Hinduism is liberal and its preachings cannot be nailed to the wall hence you can practice it in your own way. Have I understood it right or not? I dont know.


    1. You are right to the point, dear. Hinduism is liberal and adaptable that is why it has survived so long, but this has also created problems as, every person interpret it in his own way.
      Whatever religion we believe in, important thing to remember is to respect other’s beliefs too.
      Thanks for summarizing the whole post in your words.
      Take care.


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