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Thursday Treat – Tisha’s Crocheted Purple Wig

Tisha Singh
Tisha Singh


Here is Tisha Singh in her Purple Wig with Pink Bow, crocheted with Red Heart ❤ yarn.



Thursday Treats – Crocheted Bangle

Crocheted Bangle
Bangle Crocheted with Brown yarn and adorned with Pink Rose made from satin.


  • Do you know that one of the difference between Bangles and Bracelet is, that Bangles are not flexible?
  • Do you know that Indian city Moradabad is India’s largest producer of bangles?
  • Do you know that Bangles are made from material ranging from glass, gold, metal, plastic, rubber, silver and wood?

And just now I have shown you a bangle which is crocheted with yarn.  😀


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