In His Papa’s Shoes

In His Papa's Shoes

Bollywood movies have brainwashed us with their concept of Twins, wherein, one would be Evil and other a Saint; or if you will pinch one, other twin will cry. (I so want to try this) 😛

In His Papa's Shoes

I have yet to see this in real world, however; in my life with my two twin sons, what I do see is amazingly beautiful.

In His Papa's Shoes

Both are totally different personalities, in some way, poles apart. Surprisingly, one who have inherited my looks, behaves mostly like his father; and the one who has got his dashing looks from his Papa, is all me from inside.

In His Papa's Shoes

Today, I am writing about Renne; one who has heart and hairs of his father 🙂

In His Papa's Shoes

Every morning, it’s his daily ritual to wake up with his Papa, wait at the door of bathroom, till Papa comes out, all freshen up.

Their onwards Renne’s sole job is to make his Papa ready for office. First he will go to his Papa’s cupboard and pick out a shirt for him. Most of the times it will be the one which his Papa has thrown on the floor after wearing it a day before. 😮

Both father and son will spend nearly an hour in deciding what to wear. Renne will even try to buckle up the belt for his Papa. LOL… that looks so funny, when he tries that.

Papa is hardly ready, when Renne starts running towards his shoe cupboard. He will pick out the black formal shoes (always, I don’t know what’s his fascination with them), and then he will search for the socks. He has to search because his Papa is good in throwing things around. By the time Papa is seated to put on the shoes, Renne is busy finding matching socks. He somehow manages to do so everyday (even I am not able to search them sometimes), and will hand them over one by one to his Papa. One sock at a time, then the shoes.

Papa just have to do one thing on his own – comb his hair, because Renne can not reach there, otherwise he would have done that too. Next he will give lunchbox and tea to his Papa.

What’s left is, giving a goodbye kiss to his Papa, that too he do very diligently. Me, Jealous.:(

In His Papa's Shoes
Renne with Papa

From where did Renne learned all this? Who else, than his Papa himself?

I have seen my hubby, still taking care of his father’s appearance, whenever he is stepping out of home. His shoes are shining or not? Clothes are cleaned and ironed or not? Who washed his car? Which driver is going to drive today? What is his schedule? How much time he will spend in each of his meeting? Phew!!!

In His Papa's Shoes
Papa’s Fav Boy

Sometimes, I used to joke with my hubby, that he looks more like a personal assistant than a son, when it come to his father. He used to say to me (actually, still says), “I can be anything for my Papa. He is everything.

In His Papa's Shoes
Papa’s Baby

Now, my hubby has someone in his life, for whom, He Is Everything. 🙂

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