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All Kids in School….Finally!!!

All Kids in School....Finally!!!
All Kids in School….Finally!!!

When you are the Mother of Three kids, only thing that is lacking in your life is – some quiet time.

My daily schedule starts with when I wake up and go to bathroom to get freshen up, and before I could lock the door, at-least one of the three kid will be on the door, rubbing eyes and calling for mamma. From that moment to the time when they sleep at night, I am never alone, not for a second.

Yesterday, it was different. Now that my twin boys Otu and Renne, have  started their school, and joined Tisha. All three in school, at the same time.

You know what that means? That means, I would get the chance to be all alone. Lots of Me Time for me 🙂

Before they left for School, my first thought was, that I have to actually drag them to school, and they will cry and won’t leave the house. I was expecting at-least Renne to cry for his mamma, and not leave the house without creating a lot of ruckus. I was wrong. So, Wrong. 😦

None of them cried. Not a single tear. Not even a little. Instead, they were all jumping with excitement. Specially Otu, he didn’t even looked back. Guess, they were as excited leaving me, as I was longing for some alone time.

It was bad. They should have cried. I remembered, I cried it first time I went to school. Maybe, my kids don’t love me, or they are just super duper excited to see their school. I prefer to believe the second option. :O

So, they left, and I was still standing their, waving goodbye. I never thought, it would be so hard to close that door and come back to an empty home.

My home had never been this quiet, not even at night, when everyone is sleeping, and my someone special is snoring 😛

I decided to take a long bath. A luxury I could have now. It’s boring to take a bath when you don’t get the company of dinosaurs, mickey mouse, dolls and juice bottles, in your bathtub. No one to pay you a visit in every three minutes and ask you “Mamma, bath done?”

What Next?

Tried calling everyone on phone…. but, what to talk about. It’s no fun, when you are on phone and there is no yelling in between “Renne, come down. No jumping allowed”.

Nothing interesting on tv. Facebook is dull too, nothing new, same old boring posts.

Looked at the time…. only half hour has passed. Are you kidding me? What will I do for next few hours?

What if Renne is crying in the school? Or, they want to do Pee Pee and not able to say so? What if Otu is hungry or need some water? I started worrying, and it actually helped me in passing some time.

I have never waited for someone like this long. Hours were the longest and my patience…..

Those were the longest three hours, but they were worth waiting for, because when they came back and all three of them hugged me hard…. kisses on my cheeks and everyone of them telling stories of school. Tisha telling about the big green Dinosaur that she saw in school, or Otu showing the drawing he made, or Renne, shouting chicken, chicken, chicken… I want chicken. 🙂

Normalcy returned to my home…… everyone was yelling, and I was smiling, with a small tear holding itself strongly in the corner of my eyes.