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Saturday Scroll – Random Quote

“The answers to Life’s questions lie inside you. All you need do is look, listen and trust. “


Saturday Scroll – From Hamlet by William Shakespeare

“What a piece of work is a man,

how noble in reason,

how infinite in faculties,

in form and moving how express and admirable,

in action how like an angel,

in apprehension how like a god!

the beauty of the world,

the paragon of animalsβ€”and yet,

to me, what is this quintessence of dust?”


Last Day of 2013

Last Day of 2013
Last Day of 2013

Last day of a Year, for some it’s time to retrospect, for some to party, for some to make new resolutions and for some starting of a new beginning. For me, it’s just another day. (Just another day with lots of options to party πŸ™‚ )

Seriously, what difference does it make? Be it 31st December or 31st of January or 31st of any other month. Why are we so obsessed with it? Specially when we all know, that nothing is gonna change. What drastic event would happen between this 31st December and 1st of January, that will make your life perfect? How is it that what you haven’t done this whole last year, will surprisingly be your motto for the next year?

Those who are going to make resolutions of getting in shape, will join the gym in January, will do exercise for ten to fifteen days, and then most of them will say, β€œWe are so busy, it’s hard to take time out for exercise.”

Those who are planning to be more positive and be nice and good to others, will try hard, really hard (Yes, if you have to try to be nice, you will have to try really very hard. Believe me, you are just not wired to be nice). They will be nice till the moment they will see their arch enemy pretending to be nicer. πŸ™‚

Those who are planning to learn new things, like learning a new craft or skill, most probably would leave the classes within two weeks. (unless, they have paid so heavily, that they want to extract every penny paid.)

Last Day of 2013
Last Day of 2013

I am not trying to be all pessimistic here, just wanted some realism to sync in. Be real, and understand one thing that you can not change yourself in a single day, just because that day is 1st of January. Yes, you can change in a single day, in fact sometimes, in a single moment, but in that case reason just won’t be a date, it would be something more, something worth a change. So, be Real.

Years come and go, we change every year, and every day. What our motto should be? To be that change every day. Don’t wait for a year. Don’t wait for a special day. Do it today. Learn it today. Act on it today.

Every year I am learning something new. Making new friends, meeting new people, seeing new places and doing something new. I am growing. (not in size, God, please don’t jinx that). I am growing as a person. (I am not growing another person too. Thank god, for that too. Three are enough for me. πŸ˜‰ )

My hopes from 2014 are also the same. Let me learn, let me know, let me meet, let me seek, let me discover, let me grow. Let me be, Me.

Last Day of 2013
Last Day of 2013

The Color of Love


The Color of Love
Red – The Color of Love

Have you ever wondered why Red is considered as color of love?

Every time we think of love, we think of our soul-mate, our loved ones, we think of good things in our life, we think of flowers, nature, beauty…. and If just now you would think of a color, I bet it would be Red.

I am not talking about love between two lovers only, precisely speaking not a romantic love, but love in general. Love in its selfless form. Love which is between a parent and a child, two siblings, two friends and more specifically between any two souls.

Love can be categorized into any of the above category but if you have to choose a color for depicting your love, that color would be Red.

Now, coming to the underlying foundation behind this color categorization, I hope all of you are aware of the Human Aura. Aura is the energy field, Prana as called in Hindi, the life essence. Aura or this vital energy force is what we all have, maybe some of you have also felt it. This energy force is the one which remains with us throughout our life, and will leave with the soul it is attached to. Most astonishing fact is that whatever we go through in our life, our Aura reflects that in it’s energy.

Have you, meting a person for the first time, felt a total repulsion, what we call sometimes as a negative vibe, or a strong attraction, called positive vibe? Have you ever felt, a strong distrust to someone, who has in fact not given any reason for you to doing so? Why do we sometimes make very strong first impressions, even when we didn’t get enough time to explore the other person? It’s just our energy field reacting to the other person’s energy field. Positive and negative vibes.

Every feeling and emotion that we go through, is got reflected in our Aura too. When we are feeling love, it gets reflected in our Aura, when we are feeling anger, this got reflected too. No matter how good an actor you are, when you are in presence of someone you hate, your whole body, your whole persona shows that anger (It’s totally a different thing, if the victim of your hate is smart enough to notice that). Same is for love, respect, greed, lust and every other emotion.

When our Aura shows these emotions, it does the differentiation via colors. Yes, you have guessed it right, Love is shown as color Red in our Aura. Not only our Aura, the Chakra system also shows Red as a vital color of our physical self.

A selfless and pure love is denoted by bright Red, same as the color of blood of healthy person. A love of companionship, friendship and care is bright crimson red. Love with that higher power, the one you truly believe in, is same as a bright rose tint. But add lust, anger, passion and hate, this red will get maligned and takes the various shades of dull and darker red, brownish and blackish red. Ever heard of the term, β€œRed in anger” or β€œblushing red with Love”. Try to picture both in your head, the picture of anger will be a dull and darker shade of love, while a girl blushing with love will have a soft but bright red on her cheeks.

The Color of Love
Aura Color Spectrum

There are many more colors shown by our Aura like Yellow for Intellect, like a Guru, teacher, saint wearing yellow or a shade of yellow(orange). Blue denoting religion, Green denoting greed and nature love, Purple showing religion with authority and many more such emotions. Black and White, which are totally opposite but complementing colors. It will be too much if I will write about each one of them here. Maybe in some other post . Today it is just for love, love for Red.

In case you are thinking, how do I know all of this?

The Color of Love
Aura Color

Well, I read, I meditate, I feel, I see and I write.

My Kinds of People

Re blogging to help a friend in need….. seek positivity

My Journey So Far....

Photo Credit: Word Porn Facebook Page

Today when I saw this photo on my friends Facebook page (Yeah I do lot of facebooking), the first thought that came to my mind was, are we really original or just copies of each other. This thought lingered in my mind for some time and the reason that I am writing about it, is that it makes me think about me. The kind of people I have met in life and their influence on me. My family, my friends, my enemies (yeah I have lots of them) and some strangers whom I have met but never got the chance to know.

What is interesting in all this thought process is, that I have heard everyone say that they are not like the rest. All of us think that we are different from others and are unique in our own way. Have…

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