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Saturday Scroll – Random Quote

“The answers to Life’s questions lie inside you. All you need do is look, listen and trust. “


Along Came A Spider

Along Came A Spider
Along Came A Spider


A thrilling, fast paced novel filled with gory details., but this is not all which can be said about James Patterson’s famous novel “Along Came A Spider”. For the lovers of thrillers and psychotic characters, this could be among the best choices, but if you are not very fond of insane characters, than go take a nap instead.


This novel takes a very good start by building the very gruesome foundation for our psychotic character Gary Sonezi, who starts off by kidnapping and killing an infant mercilessly. You can guess easily what he is capable of doing, if he starts his killing spree in such a sick way.


To match this psychotic killer we have our very own hero in the form of Alex Cross, the famous homicide detective who is determined and passionate about his work. Main plot starts off with kidnapping of two kids, one girl Maggie Rose and her friend, Shrimpie as  known popularly . What makes this kidnapping, a crime of the century, is the fact that both the kids belong to the affluent families, one being kid of a celebrity and other one of treasury. In-fact the kids had their own personal bodyguards assigned to them by the secret services for protection.


Alex Cross is assigned to solve this kidnapping, along with Jezzie, from the Secret Services, who later becomes his love interest too. The mastermind of kidnapping, Gary Sonezi is shown as a cruel and devilish person, who has no remorse or soul, indeed he is a brilliant plotter who is always two steps ahead of Cross and whole bunch of secret service personnel. He comes across as one who makes backup plan, of a backup plan. Still he was caught in a very dramatic way. Later, however it does looked like, that this was also a part of his terrific plan.


Their is one interesting twist to the whole story, when even the kidnapper got duped by some opportunists. Incidentally Gary Sonezi, trusts Alex Cross to solve the final mystery more than himself or the police. Their is also a dramatic turn of events with a double personality disorder, which was actually being shown marvelously.


Now, coming to the points where this novel lacks, is number one it is pretty boring in the second half. It seemed to stretch beyond a point making it dull and heavy. At one point you just want to put down the book, but you are hanging only to see if Gary received the punishment he deserved. Romance is exaggerated and in such a boring taste. You can yawn easily between the love making sessions. They talk as if no two lovers or even normal persons talk to each other. What disgust me about this novel is the Racism card, which was played over and over. Their was no such need to glorify it or to make it such a big deal. It was like getting distracted by something which is so out of place for this kind of a book.


Only thing that this book needs is a better editing.Rest, it is a marvelous story told beautifully.

Enough Seriousness, Let’s Read Some Fun

Enough Seriousness, Let's Read Some Fun
Enough Seriousness, Let’s Read Some Fun

Since last two months I am reading books on Meditation, Yoga, Chakra, Buddhism, and Holistic Healing etc. So, believe me when I say that these two months have been very hard in terms of reading. It took me double the time to read these kinds of book, than I have taken to read a murder mystery or a fantasy or thriller. It’s just so hard to read and learn.

It reminded me the time when I used to study my course books. Gosh! How I used to wish that phase to get over. Reading is my favorite activity but it becomes a task when you are reading to learn new things. I mean you always learn, when you are reading, even if you are reading Twilight kinds. At least I learned how boring it could be to love a vampire, just staring in the eyes, for hours and hours. Boring.

Enough Seriousness, Let's Read Some Fun
Enough Seriousness

When I was reading all those books, they did give me a different perspective of life. Whole universe and our existence in it, harmony of our body with the nature around us. This perspective helps in answering a lot of questions about everything that happens in life. It helps us to bear the pain of tragedies, it also helps in controlling the flow of happiness, to be at ease with ourselves.

But, sometimes, you have to let loose. Life is supposed to be fun along with true happiness. So, now I have picked out a fun read. Watermelon, a chick flick, a girly girly read. Irony, it’s also based on a tragedy in the protagonist life. But, it’s written with wit and I am kind of liking it so far. Will post a review as soon as I’ll finish it. This time I am positive that it won’t take much long.

So, let’s have some fun. Happy Reading. Angel

So, What Do You Read? Recipe Books?

So, What Do You Read? Recipe Books?

Firstly, I am really sorry for this drought of post from my side. Remember my Curious George problem, yeah, my cute sweet two year old Renne, Yes, he is the real culprit. I can never understand how those cute little small hands can have the power to destroy hard disk of a laptop. Well, Devil has never looked better.

Now when I have just explained why I didn’t write for a week, let me now come back to basic point of writing a post. So this happens at a friends place, where I was admiring their new kindle edition. I blurted out that I want one too. Next thing I heard them say was “Oh, So, What do you read? Recipe books? Cooking?”

Next two minutes I was blurting out all the books name that I have read and saying NO in every two seconds, no I do not read recipe books. I never read them. I read real books. LOL, Real books. What are real books?

On the way home, I was wondering why did I react in this way? Was it because I thought of it as a gender specific comment, like you are a woman, so all that you must be doing is cooking? Or was it because a male asked me this question, that’s why I reacted in shockingly surprise mode? Then I realized, he asked me genuinely and he wouldn’t have had any other hidden agenda than to ask me about my interest in books.

So, why did I panic? was it that bad to read about cooking? No. As long as you are reading something, It’s not that bad. As long as I am doing something interesting with my life, it’s never bad. Maybe, it hit me to be considered as normal, a Normal girl.

To be like a normal housewife who has only one agenda – cooking. I am not normal. I don’t want to be normal. some abnormality is required. Not like few extra legs or hands or maybe a tail or horns. That would be weird, really weird. But something extra, as in, a new skill, new confidence of going out, making new friends out of totally strange people, exploring the world, and cooking too. I want it all and something extra too.

God, don’t ever let me be normal. Normal is boring. Normal is like being a couch potato. I will rather be a carved out pumpkin. A scary devious looking pumpkin. Not Normal. Smile