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Nature’s Sculptures.

As Created by God, Captured by me.

ย DSC_0093_01

Someone’s Drooling ๐Ÿ˜‰


Grass is always Greener…. but, maybe on other side ๐Ÿ™‚


Avatar’s Tree in my Backyard ๐Ÿ˜›


Garden of snow-fairy


Dripping Blossom….


Frozen alive ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Reaching out….


Diamonds Glistening in the Sun ๐Ÿ™‚

Long/Short story of my new Haircut

Long/Short story of my new Haircut
Me before haircut
Long/Short story of my new Haircut
After the Haircut

(My before and after moment)

I love my hair. Every girl do. But, I love them as long as they are manageable. Manageable in my dictionary means one brush here, one brush there and you are done. Someday I comb only when I am going out. No, I am not that busy, I am just toooooo Lazy. (here, I have said it. Happy now.)

It was almost five to six months back, when I had my last haircut. You know that itchy feeling (not itchy โ€“ itchy, but, ohh forget it, I don’t have the right word to explain it), feeling when you know that you need a cut but your hair still look okay to others. Others in this case is my hubby. So, I was nagging him for the past month, that I needed a haircut, let’s go to a hair salon. And, he was always, like, hmm okay. Will go. But, I keep on hearing this โ€œwill goโ€ for a month. Poor me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I used to think of me as the laziest person on earth (My mom would have agreed with that too), but since I have met my hubby, I have moved down to second position. He is โ€œThe Laziestโ€ person I have seen, unless he has to go to gym. If you want to take himย  somewhere, you have to coax him by saying, we will stop by the gym, do some exercise and then we will go to the desired place. Even than he will ask you, how much time in gym?

You must be thinking, why I didn’t went on my own. I could have, I know the way to salon, I have the car, knew driving, could have also managed with kids, but, and the big but is that, who would I have blamed on, in case something goes wrong with the cut. In case, I didn’t liked it, I could have said, โ€œyou bring me here, it’s your faultโ€. Yeah, we wives can blame anything on our husband. One time I even blamed him for the weather. โ€œIt’s raining, because you donโ€™t want to go out.โ€ So, typical of me. J

I kept on bugging him (I don’t nag much ๐Ÿ™‚ usually ). But, as he was also trying very hard to save his number one title of The Laziest person, he didn’t take me. :O

So, there I was, standing in front of my mirror, with a scissor in my hand, some different sizes combs and one hand mirror. There I was, all set. Where to start from? Took the scissor and cut a small bunch, then another, and then one more cut, and then it was fun. Yup, I enjoyed it. Going through my hairs, layer by layer, trying to see what will look good, better then good, or bad…. and after around ten minutes, I was done. Phew!!

Had a look at myself, front mirror then the hand mirror, back and front, side ways. Hmmn. Not bad. Like it. Then I look down. Ohh crap. Who will clean this mess? Whole floor was covered with hairs. Thank god, kids were asleep, otherwise it would have been a whole lot messier. So, it took me ten minutes to cut my hair and another thirty minutes to clean everything.

Interesting was my hubby’s reaction to my new haircut. I was waiting by the glass window, saw him park his car, and I rushed to mirror(not door ๐Ÿ˜› ). Combed again, looked again and again. Good. Opened the door.

Five minutes passed, then ten. Now, his tea is also finished. I am still waiting, trying very hard to wave my hair, all my fingers running through my hairs. (very stupid thing to do without wind). Finally….

Me: notice something different?

He: hmm….. (trying very hard while looking at me)

Me: I cut my hair. (with a big grin)

He: oh yes, thatโ€™s what I was thinking about. You are looking very good. Since yesterday, I wanted to say this to you. You are really looking very good.

Me: but, I cut my hair, today. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

He: hmm….. you are looking really very good.

A Diva in Making…

A Diva in Making
Tisha – A Diva in Making

I was on phone, when I heard the sobbing. It was Tisha, my soon to be three year old girl. I put down the phone, excusing myself, and rushed to the kids room. (It’s a very good excuse though, to put down phone and save yourself from long boring phone conversations.ย Oopsie!!! spilled my secret. )

Coming back to my girl, Tisha. She was crying in her room with her hand covering her mouth. She is full on drama, and when she wanted to add some extra special effects to her crying, she would put a hand over her mouth and nod her head slowly, in every possible direction. Even if there will be no tears, she will close her eyes and pretend that she is crying hard.

This time she was really crying(with tears), actually sobbing, with her hand covering her mouth. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I was confused, as to why was she crying? She doesn’t looked hurt. Even boys were asleep in their room. No one to hurt her or tease her. Then why?

So, I asked her.

Me: What happened, Tisha? Why are you crying?

Tisha: I don’t have any pant.

Me: What?

Tisha: I have no pant.

I looked at her cupboard, which was all upside down by the way.

Me: Who created this mess? And what happened to all of your pants?

Tisha: I don’t have any pant. (this time louder)

I picked out a black pant from the mess, which was a neatly foiled clothes rack earlier. By the way, she has more clothes than both of my boys have combined. Still….

Me: You wanna put on this black one?

Tisha: No. I don’t like it.

Me: (Picked another one), You want to try this red one.

Tisha: No. I don’t like it. I want new pant.

(Crying more louder now)

Tisha: I have no clothes. I want new.

Me: blank………


She finally agreed to wear one, but only when I promised to buy some new clothes for her. Good thing is that kids forget about promises very soon, bad thing, my girl is growing fast, and soon she will be a three year old lady.

God, help me, and please send some cash next time along with your blessings. ๐Ÿ™‚




How America is treating me….

How America is treating me
How America is treating me


I have spent almost half a year in America, and to think of it, it looks like just yesterday, when I landed here.

It was not my dream to come here, yes I am being honest. I have passed on many such opportunities, when I was offered to go to another country for work related assignments. Reasons for not doing so were always personal. Never wanted to leave the people I loved behind. To be frank there is no point in going anywhere, be it the best place on earth, if you don’t have the company of your loved ones.

But, this time was different. I am here with my family, and this is what matters.

ย We all have some preconceived notions about the foreign countries and the people there. I had some too. Western country meant western influences, fast paced busy lifestyle, no family values, less warmth in relations, racism, no respect for elders and blah blah…. It’s a general notion about western countries, that we people from east of the world has. At least I had. Partially have to blame Manoj Bharat Kumar, for making films like โ€œPurab aur Paschimโ€, etc…. (You can blame anything on media J )

ย So, I was talking about the preconceived notions. Some of them I feared seems coming true, when I saw the stiff crew of British Airways. Very British. But, that was just the flight or maybe my disturbed sleep in the long flight.

As soon as we changed to American Airlines, we felt the warmth of smiles around us. Since then, I have happy and smiling faces around me. Coming from a country that boast of its friendly culture, I was surprised to see that Americans seems to be much friendlier. Wherever we are, on the road, in a mall, gym, pool, just anywhere, passerby strangers were greeting us with a short Hi and a broad smile. It does feel welcomed, when people are soย gracious.

They are not only courteous but helpful too. From our hotel staff who cleaned our room numerous times (courtesy my three messy kids), with a smile on their face. A friend who despite our first meeting helped us out, and drove us to our hotel when we didn’t find any taxi. She even called her daughter, who was actually sleeping peacefully in her home at that time, to help us. Our neighbor, who volunteered to help us in moving our furniture. The gorgeous ladies in the pool, who helped me in my swimming lessons. Even helped me with one of the swim supports and water goggles. Staff at the gym nursery, who look after my kids, changing them, feeding them, singing and playing with them. My old neighbor who gave a parting gift, a beautiful dressing table, to my daughter Tisha. Everyone that I have met here, seems like a friend.

Recently, one of my friend shared her ordeal. She belonged to south of India and thus had hard time making friends here in USA with the north Indians, Punjabis and Gujaratis living here. She told me that non Indians are more friendlier to her then we people who discriminate based on caste and color. It’s sad but true. I could never have realized it, If I won’t have left my country and came to a foreign land, to experience a new culture.ย 

Another thing that I have noticed, is the ease with which you can be just yourself without ever bothering about what others would think of you. Being a girl, I feel good when no one is ogling at me, no matter what I am wearing. I can walk without any passerby making lewd comments at me, or trying to disrobe me with their eyes. It’s a good feeling. Good to feel respected as a girl.

It feels good when people hold doors for you and your kids, even when you have never seen them before. Good to see cars driving slow in the neighborhood. Or people in cars stopping for pedestrians to cross the road, waiting patiently, smiling and waving a friendly hello. Feels good when people ask you, if you gave candies to your kids, before actually sharing them with kids. Feels good, when your neighbors greets every time they saw you, but never impose themselves or intrude in your household matters.

There are so many small things which have made my stay here, wonderful. Surprisingly, most of them had nothing to do with where I am, but with whom I am.

It could be that I have met only good people here or maybe people are really good here, but I am surrounded by nice souls and I am happy about it.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

About, my preconceived notions. Well, now I don’t prefer to go by any kind of notion, am just trying to have my own experiences.ย 

How America is treating me
How America is treating me


9 things you may not know about me….

9 things you may not know about me....(I am second from left in the bottom row, only girl wearing full length leggings)


Here are the 10 Things that you may not know about me.

  1. I used to be a nerd during my school days. Just don’t have glasses on my eyes, but I was always immersed in my books. I had very few school friends, and I am not in touch with almost anyone from my school days.

  2. My family once thought that I got kidnapped or lost somewhere, and they searched the whole neighborhood. All this time, I was sleeping peacefully under the bed.

  3. I used to write a lot of poetry in my school days. No one has read my poems, still have them, but I don’t write anymore.

  4. When I was in my fourth standard, my father promised me a bicycle, if I would come first in my class. I achieved that, and since then I was always among toppers. I am very stubborn when I want something. I have gone to great lengths to get what I wanted, and still do so.

  5. My friends in my college life are very precious to me, they are the ones who introduced me to my social side. My teachers used to call me a chatterbox in college. I was friendlier to everyone and now I am in touch with almost all of them.

  6. My father has always been myย  idol and my inspiration. I always wanted to be like him, but when I gave birth to my kids and started raising them, I realized that I am actually a carbon copy of my mother. However, this realization came very late in my life.

  7. I have always loved myself. Every bit of it. I like to put myself first then others. Mantra of my life is – If I am not happy, I can not make you happy. Maybe thatโ€™s why I have never had any regrets in my life.

  8. Biggest turn on for me: intelligent conversation, wholeheartedly laugh and good sense of humor. Biggest turn off: fake laugh, too much pleasing nature, self praise.

  9. I don’t like girly girls. I don’t like makeup. Don’t like over dramatic and fake people. I like girls who are self-dependent ( does not mean financially, but emotionally and physically too), girls who are ambitious and practical too. Girls with identity of their own.

  10. Out of all the statements, one is not true. I would like to keep some of myย secrets from the world. ย  ๐Ÿ™‚