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Frolic Friday – Sachin Tendulkar Knows You, Maria Sharapova

Sachin Knows Maria
Who Is Sachin Tendulkar?

Oh Maria!!! Poor Maria!!!

What have you done Maria???

You never would have guessed that all hell will break loose on you, the moment you said that you don’t know about Indian God of Cricket – The Sachin Tendulkar. Poor you. I pity you.

It so happened, that a journalist asked little doveSharapova, ‘Sachin Tendulkar was the other person who came in at the same time as David. Do you know who Sachin is?’

And our little dove replied by saying, “I don’t”.

Sachin Knows Maria
Sachin and Beckham

However, she does know, who Beckham is? 🙂

This simple ignorance or should I say lack of general knowledge of hers, has created a mayhem in the Indian Cricket fans groups. Result being, Maria’s Facebook posts and photos are littered with abusive and derogating comments. Not only this, several of her memes are going viral on internet showing fury of Cricket fans. Most fascinating is the trending of “#Who is Maria Sharapova” on twitter.

Sachin Knows Maria

A question to Indian cricket fans here (which includes me too), why does it bother you so much, if a player of another country have no knowledge of a player (goddamn player), of your country.

Specifically, because first –

  • She belongs to Russia, a country who does not play Cricket. India does not play Rugby, and I bet many of you would not be able to tell the names of two or three top rugby players. Leave Rugby, how many swimmers, or athletes or basketball players you know of.
  • There are only a few countries where Cricket is played. Mostly commonwealth countries and few more. Many nations are there, where cricket is not even known to the people. I have yet to see an American playing cricket in my local grounds, however Indians do play there.
  • Do you know the name of Indian Tennis Players? Except Sania?? If yes, how many of them you know of?
  • If Alia Bhatt (Oh I so wanted to point her out in this case. Resemblance is uncanny 😛 ), so if Alia Bhatt, does not know who the Prime Minister Of India is? Then is this her lack of general knowledge or does that mean that she has insulted The Prime Minister of India.

    Sachin Knows Maria
    Alia is smarter then Maria
  • Did she anyhow said something derogatory about Sachin? No. Right? She just doesn’t know him. Accept it.
  • Sachin is God. I agree with that. But is it necessary that our God should be others God too. She is allowed to have a God of her own, and not know anything about other Gods.
  • So, just forgive her. Even you knows, that Sachin The God, also would prefer that. After all, Sachin Knows Maria. 😛
Sachin Knows Maria
Sachin Knows Maria

However, I am too tempted to post some of the funniest memes which are making rounds on poor Maria. So Enjoy!!! But don’t forget to forgive. 😀

Sachin Knows Maria
Who is Maria Sharapova?
Sachin Knows Maria
This one is my personal favorite. 🙂
Sachin Knows Maria
Sachin The God
Sachin Knows Maria
Wanna have a match?
Sachin Knows Maria
Who is Maria Sharapova?
Sachin Knows Maria
The God

Lovelace on a Highway

Lovelace on a Highway

 Warning: Spoilers ahead, in case you haven’t watched the movies “Highway” and Lovelace”.

A Sunday well spent is, a Sunday spent on a couch watching some random movies and instead of burying them somewhere in your mind, have something to write about them. This Sunday I watched Highway then Lovelace and then a show Satyamev Jayate S2”. Surprisingly, all three of them were connected to a single theme – Abuse of Women. Here I am not writing about “Satyamev Jayate”, because I believe it would require a separately dedicated post.

So, here comes my review along with my thoughts on the two movies I watched this Sunday.


Lovelace on a Highway

Highway is a story of a posh and high class young girl, who somehow seems to be trapped in that high culture aristocracy of Delhi. But inside she is a child wanting to explore the world, to know what it feels like to be free for a single day. This feeling can be understood by her state of mind as she was getting married the very next day and she decides to have her last freedom drive with her fiancee That is when she got kidnapped by some haryanvi rustic kidnappers. She was taken through a bumpy ride across north India, where by the passing days of her ordeal she discovered that she is tasting freedom for the first time in her life. She is free to go but she is longing to go away further in her journey. She realized that she is actually falling for her kidnapper,(this transition is very badly represented though), a man who has a rough exterior but who respects her and treats her with realism. She is no longer living a fake life of etiquette and good manners. That’s when she breaks down and share her tormenting past of child abuse to her kidnapper. How she had to behave like nothing has ever happened just because they are living in a society where child abuse is not considered a good word to hear. How she was facing her rapist uncle everyday at her home, and still she was behaving normally in front of him, as if the whole thing was not real but some nightmare.


Lovelace on a Highway

Lovelace is based on a real life story of girl, Linda, who got famous as a porn star by doing a porn movie once. She was just a regular teenage girl who feel suffocated by her over controlling church going parents and decided to move away with her recently found love interest Chuck. Chuck, who seems to be true gentlemen, soon marries Linda. They hit a financial rough patch and that’s when Chuck decides that the most easy way to earn money would be to have Linda work in a porn movie. She was scared and felt devastated and runs back to her mother, who only sends her back saying that a woman should always obey her husband, and do whatever he desires. She obeys. But Chuck was no gentlemen, not anymore. Beatings started and soon to earn more money he sells her last dignity, her body. Not to a single man but to a group of monsters.

Lovelace on a Highway

After watching these two movies I realized the condition of women is not different in any part of the world. They may seem progressive sometimes but still many of them are sacrificing their freedom and dignity for their loved once. Sometimes by them and sometimes for them. Only thing that makes a difference in a woman’s life is when she starts listening to herself. When she decides to live her life on her own terms. In both the movies, the protagonist finally stands for herself and that’s when she break this circle of abuse and move on to live a life of dignity and worth-fullness. In Highway, she decides to move away from her parents and live alone her life, working independently. In Lovelace, she decides to leave her abusing husband. She marries again, become a mother, and writes about her Ordeal so that she can help other girls who are going through marital abuse.

Lovelace on a Highway

Reflecting point is that no matter who you are or where you belong to, until and unless you stand for yourself, no one is going to respect you for who you are.

Be yourself. Be strong.

Mindless Conversations of My Mind

Mindless Conversations of My Mind
Mindless Conversations of My Mind

Have you ever wondered about all the silly conversations that you have with yourself? I do.

Me trying to sleep, in the hustle of random thoughts going on in my mind. Me and my Mind 

Me: Am I spending too much time on Facebook?

Mind: Noooo, I don’t think so. It was just for ten minutes.

Me: Ten minutes or more. It was more than ten minutes.

Mind: Well, maybe fifteen but not more than that. Plus think of all the friends and family members, you stay in touch with.

Me: Yeah, you are right. I wished a friend for his anniversary, another one for birthday. God, how much they have changed since their marriage.

Mind: Time flies.

Me: But, they are changed, a lot. Hmmn… have I changed?

Mind: Nooooo, I don’t think so. Still the same.

Me: No, I think I have changed.

Mind: Well, maybe a little. But, it’s for good.

Me: Yeah, you are right.

Mind: Time flies.

Me: How much time have passed? Years and months? ….. Why I am not good with dates and years?

Mind: Not at all good with dates. Can’t remember them.

Me: That’s why my history was so weak. How difficult that time was? Why teachers expects from us to remember all those crazy dates? Who cares?

Mind: Remember social study teacher?

Me: Yeah, what was her name?

Mind: Ohhh… I forgot. But, she was so sad and old.

Me: Hmmn… I saw her crying once, in staff room.

Mind: What was she crying for?

Me: Maybe, because of us. We were so bad. None of us paid any attention in her class.

Mind: Hmm… but she was so sad. Sad and boring.

Me: I don’t like boring.

Mind: Hmmn…

Me: I must sleep. Babies are sleeping.

Mind: Remember last week at doctor’s office.

Me: What?

Mind: When office assistant asked you about  Renne’s date of birth?

Me: Yeah… I forgot. I mean, not forgot… forgot. But, yeah, I was completely blank for a minute.

Mind: Then you told her, he is twin to Otu. Both have same date.

Me: She was not looking for this answer. What she must have thought of me?

Me: Am I losing my memory?or my Mind?

Mind: Noooo…… you are fine.

Me: Hmmn… I am raising three kids. I think, I am allowed to go nuts, once in a while.

Mind: Maybe. But you are fine. Go to sleep.

Me: Hmmn… I think I should sleep.

Mind: ………..

Me: or maybe, I should read a book. Where did I kept it?

Mind: It’s on kitchen top.

Me: What’s it doing in kitchen?

Mind: I don’t know….. go get it.

Me: No, I don’t want to go. I am sleeping.

Mind: OK.

Mindless Conversations of My Mind
Mindless Conversations of My Mind


My Kinds of People

My Kinds of People
My Kinds of People

Photo Credit: Word Porn Facebook Page

Today when I saw this photo on my friends Facebook page (Yeah I do lot of facebooking), the first thought that came to my mind was, are we really original or just copies of each other. This thought lingered in my mind for some time and the reason that I am writing about it, is that it makes me think about me. The kind of people I have met in life and their influence on me. My family, my friends, my enemies (yeah I have lots of them) and some strangers whom I have met but never got the chance to know.

What is interesting in all this thought process is, that I have heard everyone say that they are not like the rest. All of us think that we are different from others and are unique in our own way. Have you ever heard someone say that I am like others? I am pretty common. I am not unique.

Now if you think about it when you talk about others you must have said that X is similar to Y, They are just the same. They are just like each other. Ohhh X you are just like my friend Y, and so on…

Strange right, when we talk about ourselves we say we are unique but when we talk about others we kind of compare them and always presumed some similarities.

So Confusing…..

Ok, so I was talking about the impact of people who surrounds us. On a personal experience I can say that every person that I have known has given me something, an experience. Some persons give you a positive experience and enrich your life with positivity, but in most of the cases I have found them spreading more negativity. One very clear difference that you can make out between the two is, a positive person is always moving ahead, always growing. He is always learning new things doing something new. He would be the one who is laughing wholeheartedly unaware of his surroundings. He will be the one who will be encouraging you to take risks in life and not holding back. Embrace him/her. Don’t ever lose such people, no matter what is the cost, just hold onto them.

Coming to the negativity, they are those who are always bitching, bitching about life, about neighbors, about office, bosses, friends, relatives, mailman, government…. Everything and everyone in the world. They do blame God also (Yup they do, a lot). They’d say God is always unfair to them, why God has given them pain… etc. They will print a dull picture of life in front of you, they will point out everything that’s bad in you, like you have a big nose, to why are you going to the gym or you are too stubborn or too soft. They will say what you are reading is not worth, what you are wearing is not appropriate, what you are spending is too much, what you are saving is too little, what you are doing with your life is not good enough.

Don’t hold these kind of people in your life, but don’t even lose them intentionally. The key is to let them be where they are. Just don’t promote them in your life. They will leave you eventually if you keep on holding onto your positive side (No promises though). I am not telling you to lose them because some negativity is also important to realize what is at the other end in case you decided to change direction ever. Listen to them and think what are they saying and why are they saying it? Most of the time it’s in their nature that’s why they are pointing out something wrong in you, but do analyze before discarding them as you need to have some critics also J

There are two more kinds of people, somewhat a mix of above.

One who is always negative about others but keep on praising you. They will give you undue importance, will cheer you always, your every move, and your every decision. They show themselves as your true well-wisher. My advice – Stay away from such people. They are fake, real fake. Just keep in mind, if this person is always talking ill of others, he/she will be saying bad things about you also when in the company of others.

Second type who appears sometimes positive but other times they seem to be unsure of their life and surroundings and appear dull or negative. Remember such people are going through a phase and they may need your support. They need your help to sail through the rough phases of life. Do help them, they will always remember you and cherish you.

I know you must be either laughing right now or be confused by seeing such categorization. But this is my current approach of handling the incoming and outgoing tray of people in my life.

This may or may not change in the near future, but I’ll do update this blog in case I met someone whom I am not able to fill in these categories. Till then … keep reading and keep meeting. 🙂