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Silent Sunday – Dino Prints For You

Dino Prints For You
Dino Prints For You

Tuesday Talkies – RIP Robin Williams – Genies don’t die

Today, I wanted to write about the movie I watched this weekend, but the moment I sat down to write, I heard the sad news of Robin Williams demise. Couldn’t write anything else now.

It feels unbelievable and shocking, how can a person who was making us laugh for decades, has suddenly gone away, leaving us in tears. Indeed it’s true, those who can make us smile are the same ones, who can make us cry too.

Wherever he is now, I wish that he will be happy and peaceful.

Genies don’t die, they just change their lamps. 😦

Silent Sunday – Something To Beat The Heat Out Of This Summer

Otu and Renne Playing in Snow
Otu and Renne Playing in their First Snow ❤

Thursday Treats – Crocheted Turtle Bag

My kids are fan of ‘Sammy’s Adventures‘, and ‘ A Turtle’s Tale‘. Specially, Otu, my two year old boy. Every time of day, he is just interested in playing with a baby turtle toy. 🙄

Crocheted Turtle Bag, Renne singh, Abhishek Singh, Otu Singh
Renne carrying Turtle Bag. Otu declined to take a photograph 😦

So, this one is specially for him.

  • Do you know that a Turtle’s shell is called ‘carapace’, but they also have a lower shell called plastron‘?
  • Do you know that Turtles have existed for around 215 million years? Phew!!!
  • Do you know that Turtles don’t have Ears, but for sure they can hear?
  • Do you know that just like us, Turtles also have their favorite colors?
Crocheted Turtle Bag
Crocheted Turtle Bag

Enough Turtle tattle, now I would like to revisit, ‘A Turtle’s Tale‘. I love Baby Turtles too. 😀