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Silent Sunday – Something To Beat The Heat Out Of This Summer

Otu and Renne Playing in Snow
Otu and Renne Playing in their First Snow ❀

Thursday Treats – Crocheted Crown for My Prince and Princess

Prince Renne with Princess Tisha
Prince Renne with Princess Tisha
Crown for My Prince and Princess
Princess Tisha Singh in my Crocheted Crown
My Young Prince - Renne Singh
My Young Prince – Renne Singh
Crown for My Prince and Princess
A Yawning Prince – Renne Singh
Crown for My Prince and Princess
Tisha happy with her Crown πŸ™‚
  • Do you know that there are 25 windows in the Statue of Liberty Crown?

  • Do you know that in ancient Egypt, Royal women used to wear the Royal Vulture crown, having a falcon with wings folded?

  • Do you know that Gold Crown that Queen Elizabeth donned during her coronation in 1953, does not belong to her, but rather was a property of state?

  • Do you know that the oldest Christian crown in Europe is probably the Iron Crown of Lombardy?


Now I want a Crown too…. Who doesn’t want to be a Queen, unless you are a Queen in Game Of Thrones πŸ˜›


Frolic Friday – Kids Are Smart Enough To Fool Me


Kids Are Smart Enough To Fool Me
Kids Are Smart Enough To Fool Me


We wait to hear our kids speak, and everytime they do, theyΒ  mesmerize us with their innocent words. But just wait till they are smart enough to manipulate you with their cute looks and smart words. πŸ˜›

Two days back when my hubby was trying to make kids sleep, Renne was not in the mood to give up easily. He was looking for every reason or shall I say, every distraction, for not sleeping.

Renne: I want a Pillow.

Before you read further, try to say “I want a Pillow”, the way a two year old will say, just five times faster. Yeah, that’s how Renne speak. He do everything fast. Runs faster, eats faster and speaks much more faster.

So, instead of hearing β€œI want a Pillow”, you will hear β€œI wn plw”. :O I know it’s not much understandable. And yes, I can make sense of it. Occasionally though. πŸ˜›

Coming Back to our post.

Renne: I want a Pillow. (screaming at least 10 times, in one breath)

Papa: What? What do you want? (point to note, he didn’t understand Renne, no matter how much he will deny this fact after reading my post)

Renne: Pillow. I want Pillow.

Papa: I can’t understand you. What do you want?

Renne: PILLOW.

Papa: WHAT?


Renne irritated, showing anger to his Papa.

Papa: Tisha, what does he want? I can’t understand him. (asking help from our three year old daughter Tisha)

Tisha: He wants Pillow, Papa. (Laughing at Papa… lol) πŸ˜€

Papa: Oh My God. Thank You Tisha. What will I do without you. (hands over a pillow to Renne. Matter resolved) πŸ™‚

Now, this is not the real story, and if you are wondering what I was doing this whole time? I was pretending to sleep. So mean, right? πŸ˜€


Next day, when I was relaxing in my balcony, with a cold coffee, and a book to read, Renne took it to himself for disturbing my peace and quiet time.

Renne: Mamma, I want Jacket.

I understood him completely, but I was in no mood to leave my comfortable chair and ice cold coffee, to go get a jacket. Even more, because it was so hot, what would he want a jacket for? So, I said….


Me: What? I can’t understand you.

Renne: I want jacket, mamma.

Me: I am not able to understand you, Renne. What do you want?

Renne: Jacket. I want a Jacket. (shouting now)

Me: Go play baby. I can not understand you.

Renne: JACKET.

Me: Tisha, what is Renne saying? I am not able to understand him. (just to distract him)

Renne, looked over at Tisha, with his desperate looking eyes, as if asking for help.


Tisha: Hmm…. (a long pause after thinking a lot), Chocolate.

Me: WHAT? (surprised)

Tisha: Mamma, Renne wants chocolate.


Renne: Yes Mamma. I want Chocolate. πŸ˜€


All three kids shouting now, in unity. We Want Chocolate.




When We Decided To Get Married, Again


When We Decided To Get Married, Again
When We Decided To Get Married, Again

What does it feel like to have your dreams come true? Dreams that you very well know will look too weird now, if they will come true.

I was going through the same emotions when I was standing in the Church, wearing a white gorgeous dress, with a new Ring in my fingers and my hand being held by love of my life, my hubby. I had three little pair of hands too, clutching my dress tightly, at the bottom.

It’s just happen that I have a very spontaneous husband. He is romantic in his very own way. So, we were just enjoying our cup of tea, lying on our couch, watching a news show or a cartoon (I don’t remember that part exactly), when he said β€œI love you, yaar. Will you marry me again?”

When We Decided To Get Married, Again
We in front of state building

I laughed and laughed till he has almost asked me a hundredth time β€œI am serious. Tell me, if you will get a chance, will you marry me again”?

β€œYes. Yes, off-course yes. I want to marry you again and again, but I am already married to you.” I said, still laughing.

That’s it. End of discussion. Atleast that’s what I thought.

Next day, he came all cheery and smiling from his office (actually, he daily came cheering and smiling), and handed me some pamphlets and books, from Church.

β€œ I have booked it.” he said proudly, still grinning from one ear to another.

Me β€œWhaaaattttttt”?

Can you expect any other reaction? Just to clarify, we have been married now for almost five years, and have three beautiful kids too.

When We Decided To Get Married, Again
Church in it’s grandeur

He has booked the church, talked to the priest/father, and finalized day and date, which was actually just two days away. (Just TWO Days)

How could you do this? How are we going to manage? What are you thinking? Are you out of your mind? Believe me, what I said was much more than just these questions. πŸ˜›

He has even selected the clothes. Took me to a beautiful wedding store, picked out the wedding bridal gown (I loved it by the way). We nailed down some little tuxedos for our twin boys Otu and Renne, and one little white princess gown for Tisha. Every accessory, including rings. All in a day. Because next day was Wedding day.

Invited everyone by phone. Didn’t even had the list. So invited whoever came to mind. Then and there. Done.

When We Decided To Get Married, Again
Tisha and me in Capitol’s garden

Next day, or shall I say, The Wedding Day, I was panicking, nothing unusual about it. Hubby was relaxed. Friends were sorting out everything, from flowers to cake, everyone was rushing, except my hubby.

How could he be so relaxed? I was almost sure that all of this could have been a Big Prank, that he is playing on me. I was already preparing my hate speech which I would have delivered after the great unveiling of this prank.

Just then, a big black and white Limousine stopped in front of our home, and finally all the sense started sinking into me. Yes, this is happening. Really happening. I am about to get married again. My Marriage day.

When We Decided To Get Married, Again
We at State Building

We landed in our big long Limo, stepped in the Church, surrounded by all the friends and well wishers. Being blessed for a Happy Married life ahead, we exchanged our blessed Rings, and took vows, again to love each other for the rest of our lives.

When We Decided To Get Married, Again
Our Beautiful Church

Whole thing was so beautifully arranged, all thanks to hubby and his friends. Had a grand reception at an Indian restaurant and cut the cake, which was also for our Birthday, falling on the same day.

This wedding, we enjoyed it, I was less nervous and with the company of my three kids, I was on cloud nine, still am. πŸ˜€

Sometimes, there are small small things in life which makes up for a happy day, and sometimes, a big gesture by your loved one is enough to make you smile and cherish it for the rest of your life.

When We Decided To Get Married, Again
Happy happy we πŸ™‚

Love you Abhishek Singh,forever.

Papa Push, Baby is Coming

Papa Push, Baby is Coming
Tisha – Papa Push, Baby is Coming


Do you remember what you wanted to be, when you were a kid? I don’t.

No, I don’t have a memory loss or something. It’s just that I wanted to be so many things that now I don’t even remember if there was something special that I wanted to be.

My kids are also going through the same phase where one day they want to be Police, other day teacher. Specially Tisha, her desire to be something changes by every hour.
So, yesterday she was the Doctor. She decided to be a doctor cause her Papa, being tired, told her that he has some back pain. Liar!!!!

He just didn’t wanted to be a Horse. Actually, every day when he comes from office, all three kids would jump over him and he has to oblige their love by being their ride. So he would be a horse with all three on his back, riding, till they find something else to amuse them. Coming back to point, he didn’t wanted to be a horse, so he decides to say, that he got some pain in back and leg.

Tisha, being the Papa’s angel, decided to take care of him. So she came running to him and said β€œPapa, I am Doctor.”

Papa: Oh my doll…. You are a Doctor? (very proudly, as if she has just passed her MBBS exam πŸ˜› )
Tisha: Yes. I am Doctor. You hurt Papa?

Papa: Yes, baby. I am hurt. I got pain in my leg.

Tisha rushed to her play room to get a handkerchief, a crayon and water in her sippy cup.

Dipped her handkerchief in water, started cleaning Papa‘s hand (forgot that he complained about his leg).

Tisha: Don’t make it dirty. Clean it.

Then she used her crayon as if giving an injection.

Tisha: Don’t cry, OK. Mamma is here. Good babies don’t cry. Okay.

Papa: (crying) No, Doctor. I don’t want injection. I want to go. (crying louder now)

Tisha: (In a very bossy way, now), Don’t Cry. Don’t be a bad baby. Look Mamma is here.

Otu too came up jumping up and said β€œBad Boy”, to Papa.

Papa: crying….. 😦

Tisha: Papa, Push…. Push… Baby is Coming.

Papa: (speechless….. looking at me).

Me: (Laughing so hard… I don’t remember when I stopped).

Tisha later gave a teddy bear, all wrapped up in her handkerchief, to Papa.

See, here is your baby.” πŸ˜€